The last month of the ecclesiastical year – running through Reformation Day, the Day of Prayer and Repentance and Eternity Sunday – is both a time of self-contemplation and stocktaking, but also of looking ahead and setting out on new paths.

The number 8, as a symbol of perfection, recommencement, justice and eternity, is deeply rooted in Christian architecture and is mirrored in the radial reconfiguration of the church pews. 8 artworks alludes to female figures from the New Testament, such as Mary Magdalene, Phoebe and Junia, but also to the adulteress, the sinner and other women from Jesus’ inner circle that – for different reasons – have fallen into oblivion. The artworks are inspired by paintings of renaissance. The unusual vis-à-vis situation creates a dialogue between the viewer and both the artwork and the other visitors. The artworks are imprinted on white fabric, creating a contrast to the stained-glass windows. The colour white represents light, immortality and purity.

8 pair pew; 8 pieces mono prints on fabric: 70x160 cm

German Protestant Church, Cairo, October-November 2018

German Protestant Church, Cairo, Nov. 2018

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