"... large, mostly closed, settling community of people of equal descent, history, language, culture, who form a political state" this is how "nation" is defined in the German Duden dictionary. However, the term "nation" in Germany is still heavily burdened by the time of National Socialism. Exploring the reverberations of this taboo, Bilder im Kopf deals with the terms "nation" and "national feeling".

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60 cardboard,
3 colors: black, red, gold, 21 x 15 cm


Invitation letter

Dear participant,

with the following text I will try to bring you closer to my art campaign:

Who am I?

I am Roshanak Zangeneh, a native Iranian, who has been living in Germany since 22 years. I studied two times: first time communication research and now art.

What is my art campaign about?

It's about "nation" or "national feeling".

Because of German history, different generations associate different things with these terms and deal with them differently. For the war and post-war generation, "nation" or "national feeling" have a different meaning than for their children and grandchildren.

How can you support this art campaign?

Step 1: Take a few minutes for your thoughts, emotions and experiences. What images come to your mind when you hear the word "nation"? What is your national feeling like? What does it consist of?

Step 2: Please choose one of the three different colored cardboard (black, red, yellow). Now please try to express your thoughts and feelings on the cardboard with the help of a drawing, painting or collage. Please take your time so that you are satisfied with your work!

Step 3: When you are finished, please note your first name, age and place of birth on the back of your cardboard. If you want to remain completely anonymous, you do not need to write down your first name. However, please make a note of your age and place of birth.

To which address can you send your finished work?

The address is:

Roshanak Zangeneh
Art Action: "National Feeling"
Postlagernd (!)
XXXXX Bonn, Germany

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget the addition "Postlagernd".

I would like to thank you very much for your participation and support!

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