On seven photos I pose with different clothes in seven different situations. These situations refer to different social places in Iran. The number of pictures stands for the days of the week.

C-Print, Dibond; 7-pieces 180 x 80 cm; 7-pieces, 15 x 80 cm

2007; Trinatis church, Cologne, Germany

  •  Frankfurt Airport in Germany

    Frankfurt Airport in Germany

  •  Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran

    Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran

  •  press office

    press office

  •  Imamzadeh-Saleh mosque

    Imamzadeh-Saleh mosque

  • "Melat" Park

  • "Nayeb" restaurant

  •  Ali’s living room

    Ali’s living room

Photos from the exhibition

  • Dress Code Exhibition
  • Dress Code Exhibition 2
  • Dress Code Exhibition 3

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