“Contextures” is an audio-visual installation. It was originally inspired by on the one hand the perception of how many different types of people wear a Palestinian cloth; on the other hand the intensive preoccupation with the cultural-historical development of a piece of cloth from Bedouin cloth to political hyper-symbol.

Criteria for the selection of persons

The criteria for the selection of persons cast on the street were age, nationality, style and mode of wearing, social background and motivation to wear the scarf. During the photographing in the studio there was a conversation with all the cast members about the Palestinian cloth, whereby the personal motivation to wear it, but also issues of fashion, politics and the role of the cloth in the media became thematic. The conversations were recorded. A selected part of it was used in the installation.

audio-visual installation, 2009
8-pieces, C-Print, Dibond, 100 x 70 cm

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